RIMS Australasia 2021 Conference

6 - 9 September 2021
Virtual Event

Are organisational “excellence” and “innovation” mutually exclusive?


Does an organisation, or even an individual, have to choose to pursue one or the other?


Could the intelligent merging of these forces, pulling in different directions, lead to optimal outcomes?


On one side, excellence looks at the current system, the modus operandi. It’s about optimising and maximising every efficiency, to exceed organisational goals and to be sustainable.  On the other side, is innovation that explores new areas and looks to disrupt the current systems, a new way of accomplishing the same goals. 

There is an inherent tension between the two concepts, a pull in different directions while striving for the same outcome. This can lead to the debate, “Are we going to be excellent or are we going to be the most innovative; can we do both?”

Join RIMS Australasia and the wider risk and insurance community for a discussion of the challenges inherent in the pursuit of both operational excellence and market leading innovation, where it’s not an “either or” but rather two sides of the same.

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