RIMS Australasia Initiatives

In fulfilling our Mission to educate, engage and advocate for the Australasian risk and insurance community, the RIMS Australasia Chapter runs topical educational events and networking sessions and pursues key initiatives of relevance to our members. We provide some information about our current highlight initiatives in risk and insurance below.


Directors and Officers Insurance – Side C

The Chapter is keenly aware of the current level of claims activity in the Directors & Officers marketplace, particularly in respect of securities class actions targeting Entity, or as it is commonly referred to, Side C cover. The current level of claims paid or current pending, outstrips annual premium levels by a significant margin.

Clearly this situation, if left unchecked, will have significant and far reaching consequences for a marketplace where buyers of insurance seek to readily obtain adequate cover at reasonable pricing levels.

Given the above, the Chapter has embarked on a process of consultation with a number of industry stakeholder groups. While this initiative is currently is still in its formative stage, we will provide updates from time to time.

RIMS Australasia Diversity in Risk

RIMS Australasia Diversity in Risk was launched in Auckland in July 2017, and from the outset has garnered considerable response and enthusiasm within the risk community. As at April 2018, we have a distribution list that spans 61 organisations, across a wide range of sectors and industries.

The RIMS Australasia Diversity in Risk initiative is committed to achieving diversity within the risk and insurance professions; providing visibility of career paths and enhancing career progression; providing mentoring opportunities and a support network; and educational and networking opportunities through RIMS Australasia events.

We hold regular forums with dynamic and engaging speakers from diverse backgrounds, on topical matters of interest and have launched a mentoring program in April 2018, for which we have had nearly 120 subscribe, including mentors from across 22 different organisations in Auckland.

Achieving diversity within the risk and insurance professions is something that RIMS Australasia is passionately committed to. We can’t do this without your help and involvement – so please get on board and help us to make a career in risk a career for all!